2019 Goals for the RMCCA Advisory Board and All Members:

  • Create and host events for: western, southern and northern chapters- all focused on creating more local community within the region and empowering the local leaders of said area.

  • Hosting more education and seminars throughout the year, focusing on baristas, green buying, roasters, and manager education.

  • Gaining more corporate sponsorships for a wider range of free education for members and community based events.

  • Increasing member discounts at all local shops that are affiliated with RMCCA

  • Creating a web platform that is member focused, forum driven for increased communication, R&D

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The Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance is focused on developing community among coffee enthusiasts - both consumer and professional - through education, collaboration, events, and networking all through the Rocky Mountain region.

Our Core Values:

Embracing Culture

  • Creating a diverse array of opinions of workshops, educations, seminars, competitions, and networking events

  • Honoring and working with professionals and consumers

  • Supporting local industries with all events


  • Open platform to discuss best practices at shops and home

  • Using language that speaks to multiple cultures and industries

  • Maintaining up to date knowledge of coffee industry





  • Bringing the most up to date information of coffee to our members

  • Respecting space for all individuals, genders, positions, and beliefs

  • Keeping education focused for baristas, managers, roasters, technicians and more.


  • Open platform for all persons who enjoy coffee

  • Inclusive and overlapping among other industries

  • Creativity of events for baristas, roasters, owners/managers, green buyers, and more


  • Encouraging self-education through support and community

  • Creating workshops and events that promote craft coffee for consumers

  • Providing space for professionals to become more confident in abilities

  • Giving local cities support to create initiative meetings and coffee events.

  • Creating local events within sub chapters to engage even more markets and outreach


(L to R: Bob Goldman, Josh Taves, Penney Garrett, Alexandra LittleJohn, Jonathan Jarrow, Hannah Ulbrich, Kristyn Wade)

(L to R: Bob Goldman, Josh Taves, Penney Garrett, Alexandra LittleJohn, Jonathan Jarrow, Hannah Ulbrich, Kristyn Wade)

Hannah Ulbrich | Copper Door Coffee, Advisory Past Chair
Josh Taves | Novo Coffee
Kristyn Wade | Copper Door Coffee, Executive Board Chair
Jonathan Jarrow |  Harbinger Coffee Co.
Penney Garrett | Copper Door Coffee
Bob Goldman | Allegro Coffee
Alexandra LittleJohn | Ozo Coffee Co.