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The RMCCA is a growing community of collaborative individuals that share a passion for coffee and supporting the community. Through memberships we are able to support this community and continue to positively impact our coffee family. 

Membership Options

We offer two main ways to become members. Individual Memberships and Shop/Roaster Memberships. Each has its benefits, and dues go to support RMCCA events. Individual Memberships are a 1:1 relationship to the RMCCA while a Shop/Roaster Membership covers 5 employees at any coffee shop and are a great way to include your staff. 


  • RMCCA membership card
  • Free access to monthly events
  • Discounts at local coffee shops
  • Discounted educational and training workshops
  • Eligibility to regional BGA and other competitions

Membership Due

  • Individual Memberships: $30/year
  • Shop/Roaster Memberships: $100/year

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